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Real Estate Advisory

Our comprehensive real estate advisory services assist you in determining your investment options in the real estate industry. We help to determine what to do with a real estate asset and determining its potential value. We may also assist you with the planning, permitting, development, and construction of a new or refurbished structure, campus, or neighbourhood.

Our Brokerage/agency Services encompasses the following key activities that deliver values for and to our clients:

  1. Carry out an assessment of the current state of each property and their appurtenances. During these assessments, we will examine the building components such as furniture and fittings, floors, ceiling, walls, windows as well as electrical and plumbing fittings to be sure that they are all in conditions that command appropriate market value for the properties.
  2. Provide Market analysis and pricing guidance on rental fees payable by both existing and new Tenants. Prices (Value) of any Property are usually a function of location and the interplay of the forces of demand and supply. Our advisory services ensure that you as our Principals get the Fair-Market-Value for your real estate investments
  3. Negotiation or Re-negotiation of lease or tenancy term with tenants
    Prompt response to repairs and maintenance of all facilities in the property and manage relationships with the occupants.
  4. Attend to all statutory and regulatory issues on building renovations, including administration of Land-Use-Charge, Community and Estate(s) Relations etc.

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